Ford F150 F250 1995-1997 Customizable Direct Fit Dual Exhaust Kit

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Ford F150 F250 All Wheel Bases. 6 or 8 cyl

Fits years 1995-1997 Gas Truck Only

Our Kits will convert your single exhaust system to a dual exhaust system with a Performance muffler that will give your truck the look, sound and performance you have been searching for !! Our kits are fully customizable so you control how much you spend. Our kits are easy to install , Most jobs take 1 afternoon and basic hand tools . aluminized steel 2 -piece tail pipes make for easy installation. (They are will go around the Factor trailer hitch & spare so no tire removal is necessary.) 



This includes a name brand performance muffler  (of your choice) with Two prebent aluminized steel tail pipes. Fits regular, extended or quad cab trucks. Fits long or short beds.

This auction consists of the following:

  • Performance muffler (of your choice)
  • Two prebent, aluminized steel tailpipes. most trucks can choose between mandrel bent  or wrinkle bend as well as 2.25" or 2.5" 
  • Features mandrel bent tail pipes for higher flow !!!!
  • Clamps, Hangers, hardware & necessary adaptors included
    Muffler options :
    Cherry Bomb Extreme 
    Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers feature a unique wing plate design that emphasizes exhaust flow over sound control. These 100 percent welded mufflers are constructed from aluminized steel and finished with a high-temperature gray coating for durability. Cherry Bomb Extreme mufflers are non-reversible due to their custom-tuned flow design and are intended for off-road and racing applications.
    Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers
    Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers feature a patented flow divider design with high-temperature fiberglass packing that increases exhaust flow and adds an aggressive exhaust note. These are 100 percent welded, black aluminized steel mufflers. Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers are perfect for adding a more aggressive sound to your car, truck, or SUV.
    Cherry Bomb Pro mufflers
    Cherry Bomb Pro mufflers feature a unique wing plate design that improves your exhaust system's flow and sound characteristics. These 100 percent welded mufflers are constructed from aluminized steel and finished with a high-temperature gray coating for durability. Cherry Bomb Pro mufflers are non-reversible due to their custom-tuned flow design, and their standard body size allows them to work with most car and truck applications.
    40 series Flowmaster mufflers
    Looking for the most aggressive sound in the Flowmaster muffler line? Then take a look at these 40 series Flowmaster mufflers. Designed for use on street and strip vehicles, they take the sound waves produced in the exhaust, and cancel them against angled baffles built into the muffler case. This improves both horsepower and fuel economy. Best of all, these Flowmaster mufflers allow you to hear that cool Flowmaster tone inside of the vehicle, as well as outside of it. So, if you want more power and less noise, then you've gotta get these Flowmaster mufflers.
    Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers
    Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers offer distinct advantages over original 40 Series mufflers, while using the same technology as the Super 40 mufflers. The Super 44 mufflers deliver a deep, rich tone with an improved flow path radius, optimum internal flow, and sound control engineering, all created with Flowmaster's Delta Flow technology. The Super 44s are the most aggressive, deepest sounding, highest performing 4 in. case street mufflers that Flowmaster has ever built. These American-made, all-black mufflers exceed OEM specifications for use on street cars, race cars, and sport trucks. They are ideal when dynamic sound, torque, and horsepower improvements are demanded in a smaller high performance muffler. Their maximum performance and improved flow path will generate more torque and power than ever before! If you really want to hear your exhaust system inside as well as outside of your vehicle, then these Super 44 Flowmaster mufflers are for you.
    Super 40 Flowmaster mufflers
    These Super 40 Flowmaster mufflers significantly outflow the older two-chamber mufflers. They help create even more horsepower with less interior noise and a deeper exterior sound. These mufflers feature a design patterned after Flowmaster's race mufflers, with a classic black case. These Flowmaster mufflers far exceed older models on Dyno tests. They create a beautiful hot rod sound, along with increased horsepower and gas mileage. So, if you want to get that hot rod sound and add some horsepower, then these Flowmaster mufflers have you covered.
    Flowmaster's 50 series Delta Flow muffler
    Flowmaster's new 50 series Delta Flow mufflers are designed to produce a mellow, deep sound. They're milder on the outside of the vehicle than the 40 series mufflers, and significantly quieter on the inside. These mufflers combine the increased horsepower and torque you've come to expect from Delta Flow technology, with the performance sound and feel that Flowmaster is famous for.
    Flowmaster Super 10 series mufflers
    These Flowmaster Super 10 series mufflers are intended for customers who desire the loudest and most aggressive sound they can find. They are manufactured from 16-gauge, MIG-welded 409 stainless steel and feature the same patented Delta Flow technology that is found in Flowmaster's other Super series mufflers to deliver maximum performance. The Flowmaster Super 10 series mufflers are intended only for off-road or race applications using mufflers.
    MagnaFlow XL 3 chamber mufflers
    MagnaFlow XL 3 chamber mufflers use a unique combination of large-diameter perforated tubing and strategically placed sound baffles to reduce unwanted resonance and help your engine create horsepower. The sound baffles tune the sound waves using calibrated tuning gate openings that allow portions of the waves to pass through. These tuned waves reflect off the back wall of the muffler and cancel out unwanted harsher sounds. The large-diameter perforated core eliminates the flow restrictions of a louvered-style core. A careful balance between perforation size/spacing and the baffle tuning gate makes for great 3-chamber performance mufflers.
    Flowsound 2 chamber mufflers
    These mufflers will look and sound just like the more expensive competitor . They are constructed from the same 14 ga aluminized material but cost just a fraction as much . 
    Flowsound 1 Chamber Mufflers
    These little guys are very loud , They sound just like the major competitors 1 chamber muffler but without the expense ! 
Pipe options :                    




  • 5
    Dual Exhaust kit

    Posted by Ronny Posey on 10/19/2021

    I havent install this yet but have reviewed the contents in the box. All looks really good, shipping was fast and nothing seems bent thats not supposed to be bent. So far I'm very happy and will admend this review after installation.

  • 4
    Got Er Done

    Posted by Steve on 10/27/2015

    When I ordered the assembly one of the selections was tail pipe size... Well I chose 2.5" over 2.25" thinking that bigger was better. However when I went to install the intermediate pipe over the old intermediate pipe the new was too big as it was 2.5"ID and the old was 2.25"OD. Well luckily the AutoZone in town had exactly the right adapter plus a couple of extra clamps I needed to pull it all together. It does seem that the geometry of the passengers tailpipe is slightly off but still looks great and sounds awesome. I held back the fifth star due to the geometry issue and not the size issue as I feel that that is probably my fault for not saying what size I had rather than what size I wanted. I think it would help if a clarifying statement were added to that selection item.

  • 5
    Easy to instal, made from heavy materials

    Posted by Unknown on 05/20/2014

    I liked the marks to line up the parts for installation. The sound is not what I was wanting but the neighbors like it.

  • 5

    Posted by Dianna Remour on 05/13/2014

    The parts are well made and what my grandson needed

  • 5
    1994 ford f150 5.0

    Posted by Unknown on 05/2/2014

    very easy system to install all pipes were clearly marked and was completed in one hour required very little adjustment love the sound

  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Unknown on 06/3/2013

    All of the parts clearly marked and went together perfectly. Only required minor adjustments to clear brake lines and spare tire. Sounds great!!

  • 3
    You get exactly what you order!

    Posted by Mike Webb on 04/24/2013

    The system was received just like it was ordered and went together fairly easy.... Had to weld a couple of the joints, but in all I am quite satisfied, Thanks.

  • 4
    Great product!

    Posted by Sully on 08/13/2012

    The system sounds and looks awesome, only reason for the 4 stars is because the driver side exit port is not bent correctly. Other than that it was very easy to install, the sound of the system is what a truck should sound like with a deep rumble, and it looks great.

  • 5
    1992 Ford F150 5.8 L , Auto. Short/bed ext. cab

    Posted by Bob on 06/23/2012

    Wow what a nice product. it all fit together nicely. The pipe were marked for easy assembly. And it had all the needed clamps and hangers, The pipes are of a heavy gage, nothing cheap in this kit.