Kit Components


Reliable high-quality custom dual exhaust kits for your truck!

Complete Muffler-back System

At Truck Exhaust Kits .com you can place a single order and get all the parts you need for your exhaust system conversion. We are not limited by the manufacturer-provided exhaust system kits, because we build every order according to your requirements.

Customer-Designed Kits

Our dual exhaust kits feature many popular name brand mufflers. Our systems allow you to mix and match the components you need to create the exhaust system that you want for your truck. We allow you to select the muffler tip and pipe combination you want. By selecting the components you want, you can give your truck the look, sound and performance you have been searching for. Because our kits are fully customizable, you control how much you spend. The kit will be custom built to your specifications. Best of all, with our state of the art ordering system, you know that the components you select will work with your truck model.

Dual Exhaust

You can use a dual exhaust kits to convert your single exhaust system to a dual exhaust system with your choice of muffler. Whether you want dual exhaust for performance, sound, or visual appeal, you can install a kit to make your truck stand out!



We have dyno tested a number of kits. You should expect a 10-15 horsepower increase as a result of installing a new dual exhaust kit and 1-2 miles per gallon performance improvement.

Easy Installation

Our kits are easy to install. You can watch our instructional video online. Most installations can be completed in one afternoon and basic hand tools. We include all necessary hangers, adapters, and clamps to complete your installation.

Save Money

These exhaust systems are made for customers to do-it-yourself rather than paying a muffler shop. An exhaust kit from another supplier could cost as much as four times the price and have a fixed set of components. We have a history of providing high quality parts to customers while keeping costs down. The DIY exhaust kit is also made with direct fit parts for a specific truck model so that you can install on your own without paying expensive shop fees for retail parts.

Quality Pipes

Most dual exhaust kit orders include a name brand performance muffler of your choice with two prebent aluminized steel tail pipes. The aluminized steel 2-piece tail pipes make for easy installation. The pipe will go around the factory trailer hitch & spare tire. No spare tire removal is necessary. The pipes can be ordered with mandrel or wrinkle bend. They are custom made to fit regular, extended or quad cab trucks. We use pipes that have been manufactured according to design requirements for each specific truck model.

You can get your kit with regular wrinkle bent pipe (shown in the bottom of this picture) or a higher-flowing mandrel bent pipe (shown in the top).


Muffler Options

You are in control over the sound of your exhaust system. You can select quiet mufflers or loud mufflers. The quietest mufflers include Flowsound II stainless, Magnaflow, Cherry Bomb vortex, and Flowmaster 50 series. Loud mufflers include Cherry Bomb Extreme, Flowmaster Super 10, and the Flowsound 1 chamber. Here are some of the the mufflers you can add to your customized exhaust kit:

  • Flowsound 1 chamber
  • Flowmaster 40 series
  • Flowmaster Super 44
  • Flowmaster Super 40
  • Flowmaster super 10
  • Flowmaster 50 series
  • MagnaFlow
  • Flowsound II Stainless
  • Cherry Bomb Extreme
  • Cherry Bomb Pro
  • Cherry Bomb Vortex
  • Glass Pack
  • No Muffler

Stainless steel tips

We offer stainless steel tips for your exhaust kit with clamp-on or weld-on configuration. You can select a slash cut or a rolled edge design.